The cable connection maps show how the SmartMotor™ servos are connected. Click on the map to open up a bigger picture that you could use to navigate to relevant product pages.

Connection Map

CAUTION: M-style connectors must be finger tightened only! DO NOT use a tool. Doing so can cause overtightening of the connection, which may damage the connector and will void the warranty.
Class 5 Motors with D-sub Style connectors
Class 5 Motors with M-Style connectors
* SM34165M is shown
* IP65 Rated motors have "-IP" at the end such as SM34165MT-IP
Class 6 IE Motors with M-Style connectors
Connection Examples (Based on the Class 5 D-Style SmartMotor™)

by Connection Type

Connectivity Cable Model Description
RS232 and Power CBLPWRCOM2-xM Power and communications cable with flying leads
CBLSM1-xM Power and communications cable with DB-9 serial connector and power supply connector that fits our enclosed power supplies
CBLSM1-DEMO Testing cable used with our PWR116 "laptop" type power supply
CBLSM1-x-y-z Custom length multi-drop RS232 daisy chain cable



RS485 and Power RS485-ISO Converts primary RS232 to isolated RS485 (Note: uses Port G I/O pin)
CBLSM2-x-y-z Custom multi drop isolated RS485 (multiple RS485-ISO adapters)
Interfacing with I/O Devices CBLIO5V-xM Direct connection to 5VTTL I/O
CBLIO5V-xM via OPTO2 24VDC isolation and conversion of 5V signals
CBLIO5V-xM via DINIO7 Motor breakout board to industry standard OPTO relays
CBLIO-ISO1-xM Isolated 24VDC logic conversion cable
CANopen CBLIP-CAN-Y1 CANbus Y cables. Straight and Right Angle connector in 0.5~3 meters
CBLIP-CAN-series CANbus Flying Lead Straight and Right Angle connector in 1~3 meters



Interfacing with Expanded I/O CBLIP-I/O-series Expanded I/O cables with Flying Lead, Straight/Right Angle Connector 1~3 meters
Expanded I/O cables with I/O Extension Cable 1~3 meters
M-Style RS485 CBLIP-COM-FL Communications and encoder bus Flying Lead cables in 1~3 meter
CBLIP-COM-Y1 Communications and encoder bus Y cable. Flying Lead Straight Connector 0.5~3 meters
M-Style Power CBLIP-PWR4-series Drive and control power cable. Flying Lead 1~3 meter
M-Style Limit CBLIP-Limit-series Travel Limit Input Cables. Flying Lead 1 & 3 meter and Limit Bus Extension 1~3 meters

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Watch the SmartMotor™ in action

CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator
CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator
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