The New Class 6 Industrial Dual Port
Ethernet SmartMotors in Both Standard
and Hybrid Stepper Versions

  • Dual port Ethernet (no Ethernet switches or hubs required)
  • Supports standard industrial Ethernet protocols
  • High-end processor operates at nearly twice the speed of Class 5
  • Large cam point memory space for cam tables > 1k points
  • And much more... click here for details

Introducing a user-friendly tool
for generating part numbers...

The Part Number Generator tool allows you to create
part numbers from a menu of options for easy ordering of
SmartMotors, Actuators, and Gearheads!
Part numbers are for reference only and are not a guarantee of availability. Please check with your local Moog Animatics distributor for pricing and availability.




SmartMotor™ 外壳可能被绘成黑色,但是他们是确实非常绿色-环保的。:

SmartMotor™ 在轴和框架维数和开放环路的步进马达一样,但是却使用唯小的电力,因为这些电力已足够满足实际上之需要。


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